The Winter Projects are an accumulation of twenty-one small objects and books. They were created annually over a period of 20 years, resulting in an accumulated collection of 21 objects. Each Winter Project is a multiple made in an edition of 60 or 70.  The size of the edition was determined by;  

  • the number of people with whom I had professional or personal communication
  • the materials available
  • my tenacity in making each of the objects

The creative challenge was to transform mundane bits and pieces into small visual object/poems. I thought of each project as an act of imagination with a Fluxus “do it yourself” aesthetic. In retrospect I see that the Winter Projects are reflections of my larger studio projects and events in my life. Together, they comprise a kind of autobiography by object.  - Harriet Bart

1990 - 2010 / Multiples of 21 unique mixed-media constructions

Index of Objects

WINTER PROJECTS 1990-2010, Object Poems - Catalog by Harriet Bart, Forward by Rosemary Furtak