Cultural Structures, 1992
Steel, custom brass plumb bobs, 23k gold leaf on mussel shells, screenprint on German industrial felt, spent coal, paper collage,
architects scribe, Joseph Beuys editioned felt postcard
16 ¾ x 10 x 10 in. each

Cultural Structures document Harriet Bart’s travel to and engagement with the culture of Germany, the city of Dusseldorf, and the work of Joseph Beuys. The sculptures contain myriad objects that call attention to place and form. Plumb bobs point to maps of Dusseldorf and Krefeld. Gilded mussel shells reference the work of Marcel Broodthaers (colleague, competitor, and critic of Beuys). A paper collage by Helmut Löhr, a pyramid of spent coal, an architects scribe, all included in the five visual commentaries.