13 ÷ 14, 2004
Concept and artwork by Harriet Bart
Published by Mnemonic Press
Edition of 50
Letterpress on Magnani Pescia 150GSM
Presswork and typography by Philip Gallo at The Hermetic Press
Binding by Jill Jevne
10 x 14 in. (closed)

13 ÷ 14 is the confluence of a poem and a puzzle, bringing together the polygonal forms of the Loculus of Archimedes and the poetic vision of Wallace Stevens’ Thirteen Ways of Looking At a Blackbird. 13 ÷ 14 is a continuation of Bart’s studio work, pairing disparate text and images to create new contexts for everyday objects. The fourteen shapes of the ancient puzzle create dynamic silhouette figures for each of the thirteen stanzas of the poem: hence, the title of the book.

13 ÷ 14 The Blackbird Images